Application by Product

FT11N Thermal Flow Switch:  With no moving parts, LED display for flow state, adjustable switching point, 4-20mA output, FT11N can be used on hydrualic system, lubrication system, pump run-dry protection, cooling system, ventilation system etc. 2 switching signals, customizable probe length and pressure rating, male or female mounting thread make FT11N an excellent product, it is using in various industry.
FP10N Piston Flow Switch:  One of our most widely used product, FP10 equips with LED display, calibration bar. Wide measuring range, high resolution and 2 switching points help make it an outstanding product. It can be found in power plant, water treatment, papermaking, circulating water systme or mining industry.
PE100 Electrical Pressure Sensor with LED Display: A product with 330°C rotatable LED display, output as switching or analog signal, high overpressure. Some examples of the application of PE100 as following: used on hydraulic system to control the device movement, holding, applied force and send feedback to the system; used on compressors to monitors the actual pressure of the air before it is transfered to the dryer.
LMA Float Liquid Level Switch (Meter):  LMA is designed and developed to operate well in a wide variety of liquids, including corrosives. It can be used in food industry, power plant, papermaking, water treatment etc.