Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

A thermocouple is a junction formed from two dissimilar metals. Actually, it is a pair of junctions. One at a reference temperature and the other junction at the temperature to be measured. A temperature difference will cause a voltage to be developed that is temperature dependent. Thermocouples are widely used for temperature measurement because they are inexpensive, rugged and reliable, and they can be used over a wide temperature range.

 Products List

  • Measuring range (Thermocouple type):
    0.350°C (Type T)
    0.750°C (Type J)
    0.800°C (Type K)
    0.1300°C (Type S)
  • Pressure resistance: 40 bar
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Measuring range: (Thermocouple type)
    -200.200°C(Type T)
    0.400°C (Type J)
    0.600°C (Type K)
    0.1500°C (Type S)
  • Pressure resistance: 100 bar
  • Protection class: IP67