Standard Pressure Transmitter

Banna offers a full line of pressure transmitters for various industrial process control applications. Our standard Prerssure Transmitter delivers high reliability, performance and safety.

 Products List

  • Low cost, compact design
  • wide measuring range
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Gauge pressure, absolute pressure and negative pressure
  • Wild operating temperature range
  • Gauge, absolute and negative pressure measuring
  • Applicable to hydraulic and pneumatic, pressure control system etc.
  • Compact design, high accuracy, high stability
  • High overpressure
  • Be able to measure positive / negative pressure
  • Self temperature compensation
  • High pressure, vibration proof
  • High stability
  • Measuring range (0.2200bar)
  • Good for high temperature and viscous medium
  • Designed for harsh applications with abrasion
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Sanitary type, for food and beverage applications
  • Good for absolute, negative and gauge measuring