P400DP Intelligent Differential Pressure Transmitter

P400 series differential pressure transmitter is designed to measure pressure for liquid, gas or steam. Complete sealing capacitance sensing components make the unit very stable and reliable while has high measuring accuracy. Communicating with control system or handheld communicator by the standard equipped HART protocol, through which the settings, configurations, monitoring and testing could be done easily.


  • High accuracy, high reliability and stability
  • Zero and span programmable on-site
  • Standard equipped HART protocol
  • Wetted parts materials selectable
  • Optional remote diaphragm seal system
  • Damping adjustable
  • Optional explosion proof model


Measuring range: See datasheet for details
Output: HART signal superimposed on 2-wire, 4 - 20mA
Accuracy: Gauge pressure: ±0.075%FS* (Optional 0.2, 0.5)
Temperature effect: ≤±0.45%/55℃
Static pressure. Effect: ±0.1%/7Mpa(Zero),±0.2%/7Mpa(span)
Stability: No more than accuracy in 6 months.
"Zero" Error: Model DP: zero error: ±0.5% of upper range limit. (Can be calibrated out)
Model HP: zero error: ±1% of upper range limit. (Can be calibrated out)
Measuring error: ±0.25% of measuring pressure(Can be calibrated out)
Mounting position effect: An up to 0.24Kpa error can be expected if the diaphragm is not in vertical plane, which can be calibrated out.
Vibration effect: ±0.1% of upper range limit
Power effect: Less than ±0.005% of calibrated span per volt.
Power supply: 12…30VDC
Static pressure & overpressure limit: Model LP:1-4Mpa; Model DP:0-13Mpa; Model HP:0-31Mpa.
Load resistance: Max. load resistance of R: R=(V-10.5) / 0.0236.
R: Max. Load resistance Ω.
V: voltage.
Initialization time: 5 Sec
Refresh time: 0.25 Sec
"Zero" and span calibrating: Through menu or HART communicator.
Positive/Negative suppression: Max. positive suppression: difference between upper range limit(URL) and calibrated range.
Failure mode alarm: If self-diagnostics detect a gross transmitter failure, the analog signal will be driven either below 3.8 mA or to 20.8 mA to alert the user. High or low alarm signal is user-selectable by HART communicator.
Damping: Selectable time constant between 0 and 32s.
Operating temperature: Electrical parts: -30…85℃.
Sensing components(Silicone oil fill): -40…104℃.
Sensing components(inert oil fill): -0…70℃
Ambient temperature: -40…104℃
Storage temperature: -40…125℃
Relative humidity: 5%-98%
Protection class: IP65
Materials: Electrical parts housing: aluminum alloy. See order code for other material for others.
Process connection: Connecting hole of pressure chamber:1/4-18NPT,
Connecting hole of impulse pipe: 1/2-14NPT.
Electrical connection: M20 x 1.5 threaded conduit entries.
Weight: 4.9kg (No accessories)