Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

Magnetostrictive level sensors are similar to float type sensors in that a permanent magnet sealed inside a float travels up and down a stem in which a magnetostrictive wire is sealed. Ideal for high-accuracy, continuous level measurement of a wide variety of liquids in storage and shipping containers. Because of the degree of accuracy possible with the magnetostrictive technique, it is popular for "custody-transfer" applications. It is also frequently applied on magnetic sight gages.

 Products List

  • Extremely high accuracy, resolution up to 0.002% of full span
  • Measuring distance up to 5m
  • No-contact measuring
  • Less sensible to vibration
  • Excellent performance
  • The pressure rating for probe could be up to 340bar
  • Dust-proof electronics chamber
  • Analog current/voltage output
  • Particular requirements are customizable for OEM application