Level Measurement

Level sensors detect the level of substances that flow, including liquids, slurries, granular materials. Different level meter / switches are designed for various applications in Banna such as buoyancy level switch, electrical float level meter, hydrostatic pressure liquid level transmitter, Liquid Level/Temperature Switch, magnetostrictive level sensor, photoelectric liquid level switch and ultrasonic level meter.

Rugged compact design
High durability
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Digital LED display
Point or continuous liquid level monitoring
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On-site zero/span adjustment.
Standard equipped HART protocol Product List
Liquid level and temperature measuring at the same time
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Extremly high accuracy
Measuring distance up to 5m
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No moving parts
Compact design
Corrosion proof.
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Automatic power adjustment.
Automatic gain control and temperature compensation.
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Non-contact measuring for liquid / solid
Mounting into containers, silos, vessels etc.
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