Vortex Flow Meter

When a columnar object (object that generates bortices)is placed in the flow path of a fluid, regular channels of vortices, called Karman vortex channels, are generated at the back of the object. Since the frequency of a vortex generated is linearly proportional to the flow velocity within a given range, the flow amount can be measured by counting the number of vortices.

 Products List

  • Sensing parts are noncontact to medium
  • No zero drift, very stable performance.
  • High measuring accuracy: ±1.0% for liquid; ±1.5% for gas;
  • Easy to install: vertical, horizontal or arbitrary angle to pipelines.
  • For volume flow rate or mass flow rate measurement
  • Vibration proof
  • Wide measuring range, less pressure loss
  • No moving parts, simple structure needs less maintenance
  • Pulse output