FVM100 Series

When a columnar object (object that generates bortices)is placed in the flow path of a fluid, regular channels of vortices, called Karman vortex channels, are generated at the back of the object. Since the frequency of a vortex generated is linearly proportional to the flow velocity within a given range, the flow amount can be measured by counting the number of vortices. Typical applications: superheated steam, saturated steam and regular fluid volume flow rate or weight flow rate measuring; cooling tower and water condensate; municipal water treatment and distribution; boiler feed water; chemical processing; pool and water park


  • The frequency of pulse output is proportional to flow rate, no zero drift, very stable performance.
  • High measuring accuracy: ?.0% for liquid; ?.5% for gas;
  • Sensing parts are noncontact to medium - means high reliability, simple structure, easy to install, low maintenance cost.
  • Applicable to liquid, gas, steam and some mixed fluid measuring
  • Wide measuring range
  • No compensation is needed for liquid volume measuring; But, temperature and pressure compensation are necessary for steam weight flow rate and or gas volume flow rate measuring.
  • Low pressure drop, energy-efficient flow meter
  • Easy to install: vertical, horizontal or arbitrary angle to pipelines.
  • In given Reynolds number range, the frequency of output signal is independent to fluid density, viscosity or components. Calibrating in one medium and used for others.
  • Pulse or electrical output signal could be transmitted long distance, Hart protocol available.


Applicable medium Liquid, Gas, Steam
Measuring range Refer to datasheet for details
Nominal diameter: DN15~DN150 (Wafer)
DN15~DN300 (Flange connection), Customizable
Accuracy Liquid: ±0.75% of of measured flow rate
Gas and steam: ±1% of measured flow rate
See reference condition in datasheet
Repeatability ±0.15%
Operating voltage Pulse output model: +12VDC, +24VDC selectable
Current output model: 4 ~ 20mA.DC, +24VDC
On-site display model: integrated 3.6v Lithium-ion battery, battery life: 2 year life (Customizable)
Output Pulse: 0.1 ~ 5000Hz
2-wire output: 4 ~ 20mA. (DC)
Operating pressure 1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa. Customization available for high requirement.
Medium Temperature Standard Model: -40℃~130℃
High Temperature Model: -40℃~250℃
Explosion-proof Model: -40℃~80℃
Ambient Temperature -30℃~60℃ for Explosion-proof model;
40℃~85℃ for others
Ambient Humidity 5%...95%
Protection class IP65, IP67 selectable
Housing material Carbon steel or stainless steel
Explosion-proof Explosion-proof model: ExdⅡBT5
Electrical connection M20×1.5