FT20N Series

FT20N is based on two temperature sensors which are positioned within the medium. The unheated sensor registers the liquid temperature. the other sensor is heated a few degrees above the medium, when the medium flows, the heat generated in the sensor is conducted away by the medium. The temperature of the sensor is measured and compared to the temperature of the medium. The state of flow can be derived by the temperature difference.Typical application: hydraulics and pneumatics system, Circulating water system, Pump run-dry protection.


  • No moving parts - no maintenance is needed
  • One single model is good for multiple pipe size
  • Compact design
  • Low pressure loss
  • LED displays flow trend and switching state


Measuring Range: 1…150cm/s(Water), 3…300cm/s(Oil)
Output: PNP, NPN, Relay, Analog (4…20mA)
Power supply: 24V±20%DC / 230V±15%AC (Analog output only with AC power supply)
Operating current: Max. 400 mA(PNP / NPN)
LED Display: LEDs display status for DC , N/A for AC.
Max. 4A(Relay)
No-load current: No more than 80mA
Display: 6-LEDs
Calibrating: Potentiometer
Pressure rating: 100bar
Temperature gradient: 4℃/s
Response time: 1--13s, Typically 2s
Initialization time: 8s
Wiring protection: Reverse polarity, Overvoltage and Short-circuit
Protection class: IP67
Medium temperature: -20--80℃
Ambient temperature: -20--80℃
Storage temperature: -20--100℃
Electrical connection: M12 plug / Cable outlet (2m) selectable
(1. Model with analog output model equips with M12 plug only .
  2.Model with cable outlet only works with AC power supply .)
Materials: Probe: stainless steel
Housing: Zinc alloy
Weight: 0.4kg