FB21 Series

As a mechanical flow switch, FB21 equips with a paddle supported by a spring, when flow rate reaches preset value, the microswitch will be activated.


  • Lower pressure drop
  • Good repeatbility
  • Anti-scale capability;
  • Separated mechanical parts with electrical parts


Measuring Range: Refer to data sheet below for details
Repeatability: ±2.5% of measuring range
Electrical Connection Terminals
Output: Mechanical switch, NO / NC (250VAC,3A)
Pressure Rating: 16 bar
Pressure Drop: 0.08bar (With Max. flow rate)
Ambient Temp.: -25…80℃
Medium Temp.: -25…90℃
Connection Thread: NPT1"
Protection Class: IP33

Body: Stainless Steel
Process Connection: Brass
Paddle: Brass
Sealing: NBR
Housing: ABS