FEM1000 - Integrated

The operation of FEM1000 is based upon Faraday's Law, which states the voltage(E) induced across any conductor as it moves at right angles through a magnetic field(B) is proportional to the velocity(V) of that conductor.


K = Constant.
B = The magnetic field strength.
V = The velocity of the conductive medium.
D = The distance between probes.

The voltage generated in a conductor E is output as standard electrical signal.


  • No moving parts - easy to maintain; No pressure drop due to no choked flow parts.
  • DN10...DN2000
  • Applicable to aggressive medium
  • Digital LCD for instantaneous/total flow rate display
  • Operating temperature:-20°C ... 180°C
  • High reliability, output to PLC directly
  • High accuracy, anti interference capability
  • No moving part, long life


Applicable medium: Liquid with conductivity > 5Ás/cm
Measuring range: 0.25 - 10m/s
Nominal diameter: DN10...DN2000 (Customizable)
Accuracy: 0.25%, 0.5%
Repeatability: ±0.15% of readings
Operating voltage: 220VAC±10%; 24VDC±10% Lithium-ion battery
Output signal: Current: 4.20mA
Pulse: frequency 0-1KHZ
Operating pressure: DN10 - DN65: ≤2.5Mpa,
DN65 - DN150: ≤1.6Mpa,
DN150 - DN2000: ≤1.0Mpa
(Customization available)
Electrode material: Platinum, Hastelloy, 316 stanless steel,Tantalum, Titanium , Wolfram Carbide
Lining material: PTFE(≥DN10), Neoprene(≥DN65), F46, Polyurethane
Housing, flange material: Carbon Steel(standard), stainless steel (customizable)
Excitation method: Low frequency rectangle wave, High frequency excitation.
Excitation current: 160mA
Medium Temperature.: -20°C~90°C;~130°C;~180°C;(Refer to lining material)
Ambient Tmeperature: Sensor: -40°C~80°C; Converter: -15°C~60°C.
Ambient Humidity: ≤85%RH (20°C)
Power consumption Less than 20W
Structure Integral type, wafer type
Electrical connection: M20×1.5
Grounding: Grounding ring, grouding electrode, gronding pipe
Exproof: EXd ibⅡBT4
Process connection: Flange
Protection class: Integral type: IP65; Wafer type: IP65 or IP68